Bingham County Mayors Scholarship


If you would like to make a donation to the Bingham County Mayors Scholarship Fund, please click here.


The Bingham County Mayors Scholarship committee is pleased to announce a scholarship for graduating seniors and continuing education students in Bingham County. The Bingham County Mayors Scholarship will be awarded under the direction of the Bingham County Mayors Scholarship Selection Committee.

The 2019 season is now open! We will accept applications from February 1, 2019 through March 11, 2019. The application is available for download below.


To have your scholarship sent to your college/university, please fill out the College Notification Form below and return to:

City of Blackfoot
ATTN: Bingham County Mayors Scholarship Committee
157 North Broadway
Blackfoot, ID  83221


If you have been awarded a Bingham County Mayors Scholarship, and you are attending a post-secondary school in Idaho, you can apply to have the Idaho Board of Education match your scholarship amount. Click here to apply for this scholarship match online.