March 22, 2017


City Proposes One Way Streets for Historic Downtown

BLACKFOOT -- A public open house will be held on Thursday, March 30, to hear public comments on a proposal to convert Broadway and Ash streets to one-way streets. The proposal is part of a downtown revitalization program and is designed to have Broadway traffic flow one-way in a northeast direction. Ash Street traffic will flow one-way in a southwest direction. The one-way streets are restricted to the blocks between Judicial and Francis streets. The public open house will be held at the Nuart Theatre from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

Kurt Hibbert, planning administrator for the City of Blackfoot said this project will be implemented this summer on a trial basis. “We are doing a mock-up of the one-way couplet before final construction. We want to make sure it benefits the downtown and the city before we make the change permanent.”

Hibbert said parking space line paint will be temporary and improvements will allow flexibility in the final design. “This will allow residents to try it out before the city sustains costs associated with construction,” he said.

Diagonal parking will replace the existing parallel parking on the two streets. Other improvements scheduled in the construction are enhanced landscaping, possible transit shelters, drop-off and loading zones, and pedestrian areas. Hibbert said the city is also considering experimenting with reverse angle parking in some areas to increase safety.

HIbbert said, “There are two major benefits to this proposed project -- the first being additional street parking and the second being the addition of loading and unloading zones. Right now there are no loading zones so trucks have to block traffic.”

He added, “Although the impact of the project to the overall transportation system is not considered to be significant, the additional parking in the downtown area is anticipated to contribute to the economic vitality of the businesses and downtown organizations.”

Input on these proposed changes is welcomed by city officials. Several scopes of work are being proposed and will be presented at the March 30 open house. The city will provide forms for recording public comment. “All ideas will be carefully considered before the project is implemented,” Hibbert said.