Layne "Skip" Gardner - Council Member

Department Liaison Assignment

  • Fire Department
  • Wastewater Department

updated 1/24


Layne Spencer (Skip) Gardner was born in Blackfoot, graduated from Blackfoot High School (BHS) in 1978 and served an LDS mission in Italy.  He returned to Blackfoot and married Melanie in 1982.  After Layne graduated from BYU in 1985, he returned again to Blackfoot where he taught English at BHS for 33 years (retired). In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he coached track for 27 years and officiated basketball for 37 years (retired).

Layne has four children: two boys and two girls as well as three grandchildren.  He enjoys reading, skiing, fishing, camping, and staying busy.  He owns two apartment buildings in Blackfoot and has enjoyed working as a City Councilman for the past five years.