Snow Removal

The goal of the City of Blackfoot is to provide snow and ice response in a timely and cost-efficient manner.  Prior to ice or snow conditions, the City applies de-icer in the form of salt brine.  There are two phases for ice and snow response: 1) when snow or ice conditions exist, cinders with salt or salt brine is applied based on public safety needs, starting with primary arterial streets and major intersections; and 2) depending on pavement conditions and forecast, snow plowing will likely commence when three inches of snow accumulates. The City equipment resources to address winter road conditions. 

  • 2 Graders 
  • 3 Dump trucks with plows
  • 2 Loaders 
 The City maintains more than 120 lane miles of arterial, secondary, and residential streets that have been divided into (4) priorities: 
  1. All major arterial streets.
  2. Business districts.
  3. Residential streets. 
  4. Airport.

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