Cross Connection and Backflow

The Water Department is responsible for protecting the public water supply.  One of the ways to accomplish this goal is through cross connection enforcement (Blackfoot City Code 9.2).  A cross connection program is designed to identify and prevent an "actual or potential connection or piping arrangement between a drinking water system and another source that could introduce anything other than the potable water intended to normally supply the system." (Source PDF).

Back flow devices must be selected from the approved devices list found here (PDF).  All assemblies must be tested upon installation, and at a minimum frequency of once per year.  The law requires all testing be performed by a State licensed tester, and the results sent to the Water Department Superintendent.  Please contact the Water Department with any questions regarding our cross connection program.

For more information on what a cross connection is and the different types of back flow devices, please visit:

The University of Southern California Foundation for Cross Connection Control and Hydraulic Research

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Cross Connection Control