Help Keep Our Drains Drug Free

In the current day and age, medications are prevalent and varied. While trace amounts can pass through the human body, there are thousands of pounds of unused or expired medications in the USA that need disposed of every year. In the past some may have recommended to flush these medications down the drain. Analysis has shown the presence of compounds and drugs from these sources in streams and lakes. While there is no current evidence that these trace chemicals pose a risk to human health, scientists have found some interference with aquatic organisms. It is, therefore, prudent to control what ends up in the water environment.         

Please do not flush medications down the toilet! In Blackfoot there are three locations for you to drop off your drugs and medications: City Hall, the Fire Department, and the Courthouse. These containers are around the size of a post office drop off box, and they are white and blue. If you have any questions regarding our local drop off boxes contact Leslie Davis at 785-1235. For more information regarding disposal of drugs and medication click here