The Sanitation Department is responsible for removal of solid waste throughout the City, including weekly service for residents and more frequent service for our commercial accounts.  If you require an additional pick-up during the week, contact City Hall. There is a charge for this additional service.

City residents who have residential service picked up curbside, should place their container at the curb, just off of the sidewalk at the edge of the road.  This allows for pedestrian use of the sidewalk without interference.  Containers should not be placed within four feet of cars, mailboxes, etc. We would like to remind residents that containers should be placed at the edge of the road no later than 6:00 AM on their designated pick-up day.

If your garbage is missed due to our error, please contact City Hall to arrange for pick-up at no additional charge.  If you do not have your container out on time, and your garbage pick-up is missed, please contact City Hall to arrange for pick-up.  There is a charge to residential customers for this service.

Containers that have debris protruding out of the lid will not be picked up, as this may cause damage to City equipment.  The sanitation drivers ARE NOT PERMITTED to leave their vehicles.

Special seasonal solid waste removal, such as leaf pick-up in the fall, will be announced on the City's web site and Facebook page.

Missed pickup's please call City Hall (208)785-8600 x-2 or x-0

  1. Jamie Wilson-Silvas

    Utility Billing Clerk
    Phone: 208-785-8600 dial 2

  2. Sara Furu

    Customer Service
    Phone: 208-785-8600, Dial 0

  3. Scott Murphy

    Street & Sanitation Superintendent

  4. City Hall

    Physical Address
    157 N Broadway
    Blackfoot, ID 83221

    Fax: 208-785-8602

Sanitation Fees - Based On One Pick-Up/Week -updated 9/5/2023

Permanent Container
Temp Container (per week)
Per Month
Extra Pick-Up
100 Gallon Plastic N/A $17.36 $9.34
300 Gallon Metal $11.17 $44.67 $20.58
400 Gallon Metal $14.89 $59.55 $24.11
600 Gallon Metal $22.33 $89.33 $31.17