General Information


Before beginning any excavation, please call Idaho Dig line to have the utilities in the area marked. This is a free service that helps keep you, your family and the utility lines safe. You can make a locate request by calling 811 or visiting the website below

Idaho Dig Line website

Water Meters

There are thousands of water meters installed though out Blackfoot, most of the meters are installed in the ground in plastic boxes called meter pits. Meter pits are covered with a cast iron lid, with a probe attached by a wire to the meter for meter reading purposes. To help facilitate accurate and timely bills, we ask the public to help keep areas around the meter free from obstructions, landscaping, and damage.

Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are one the most visible aspects of the water system. While they are occasionally use for flushing and maintenance purposes, their primary use is fire protection. Please help keep the area around a fire hydrant free from obstructions. This includes trees, shrubs, landscaping features, elevation changes, and snow during the winter. If there is a problem with a fire hydrant, please call the office and let us know so the issue can be corrected.