Controlled Burn Guidelines

Regardless of the type of burning you are planning, a burn MUST be registered with the Blackfoot Fire Department by either submitting a BURN REGISTRATION FORM or by contacting the Station directly.  In some instances, and depending on the type of burn, you may also need to register your burn with the State of Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Burns are NEVER allowed during the Closed Season; it is your responsibility to ensure that your Open Burn is done at the appropriate time and that you follow ALL of the following mandates:

  • A suitable water supply, or another acceptable means, must be available on site that is capable of extinguishing the burn (fire), should the need arise
  • A telephone must be available at the location of the burn (fire), in order to contact 9-1-1 if the burn (fire) gets out of control
  • A responsible adult (over 18 years of age) must attend the fire at all times
  • If the winds meet or exceed 15 MPH, burning must be ceased
  • No fires will be started, or continued, after dark
  • The individual who starts the burn (fire) is responsible for any fire or smoke damage to any property, as well as the cost associated with extinguishment, if the Fire Department is summoned
  • If there are any complaints resulting from an open burn, the burn (fire) shall be extinguished by the owner or the Fire Department

  1. Fire Department

    Physical Address
    225 N Ash Street
    Blackfoot, ID 83221

    Fax: 208-785-8604
    Emergency Phone: 9-1-1