Employment, Education and Outreach

Employment Opportunities

Opportunities for full-time employment with the Blackfoot Fire Department may become available throughout the year and applications are only accepted when there is a vacancy.  Review all open positions with the City of Blackfoot HERE

Volunteer Opportunities

The City of Blackfoot is currently accepting applications for individuals who are interested in becoming volunteers at the Blackfoot Fire Department.  If you meet the following qualifications, and are interested in the opportunity to volunteer for the Fire Department, you may apply HERE

  • High School Diploma or GED Equivalent
  • Minimum of 18 Years of Age
  • Possess a Valid Idaho Driver's License
  • Resident of the Blackfoot-Snake river Fire District
  • Ability to Pass a Modified Firefighters Combat Challenge
  • Ability to Pass an Oral Board Interview
  • Ability to Pass a Drug Test
  • Ability to Pass a Background Check

Volunteers may become 'Paid Call' Firefighters after successfully passing Firefighter I Training

Blackfoot Fire Department (BFD) Explorers Program

The BFD Explorers Program gives youth, ages 15 to 20, the opportunity to gain valuable insight into a career in the Fire Service, while simultaneously building plans for their futures.  This innovative program helps participants gain valuable work experience, and provides assistance with educational and fitness requirements, that are critical to successfully pursue a career within the firefighter industry.  Participants also develop contacts and gain insight from BFD Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics.


  • Candidate must be between the ages of 15 and 20
  • Candidate must be enrolled in a high school, college or GED program
  • Candidate must provide proof of ability to maintain a satisfactory report card average
  • Candidate must provide a doctor's letter of good health

Station Visits

Station visits for groups of up to 20 may be scheduled at either of our fire stations.  Visits are conducted between the hours of 10 AM and 5 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday and usually last approximately 30 minutes.

It is important for the group chaperones to understand that the Firefighters are in service at all times when at the Fire Station, so the chaperones should be ready to quickly and calmly control their group in the event of an emergency.

In addition, general announcements and notification of emergencies are communicated throughout the Stations via loud speakers and are often accompanied by loud bells and tones.  These announcements will be followed by rapid activity of our staff, horns, bells and sirens.  Younger children may be frightened by this so please explain this to your group, and any attending parents, so that they are aware and able to remove smaller children who may become frightened.

All visits must be confirmed by contacting the Fire Department Office Administrator on the day of your visit.

Cancellations should be communicated to the Fire Department Office Administrator in a timely manner.

Events & Public Education

Blackfoot Fire Department apparatus and personnel may be requested to be present at events such as funeral details, parades, neighborhood events, school and daycare visits and for fire safety education.

Requests will be honored when appropriate and when the Fire Department has the staffing to support sending personnel and apparatus to an event.  For additional information, or to submit a request, please contact Angie Powell.

  1. Bryon Howell

    Fire Chief

  2. Dennis Bell

    Lieutenant and Explorers Program Coordinator

  3. Angie Powell

    Office Administrator

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